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People who are knowledgeable about digital technologies such as computer programming and design.


pl n
(Professions) the people who earn large amounts of money through internet-related business


(ˌdɪdʒ əˈrɑ ti, -ˈreɪ-)
people skilled with or knowledgeable about computers.
[1990–95; dig(ital) + (lit)erati]
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And high-tech people are particularly willing to do that, to pull all-nighters.
We have hundreds of thousands of youth, students, and some of the world's finest high-tech people, who are experts when it comes to putting out feelers and patrolling the alleys of the mysterious cyberworld.
Some high-tech people periodically back up their data and completely reformat their hard disk, wiping off everything and returning it to its virgin state.