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Noun1.highboard - a high diving board
diving board - a springboard from which swimmers can dive
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The club was formed in March last year as a breakaway from Sunderland Swimming Club to develop diving at grassroots level and give people in the region the chance to participate in springboard, highboard and platform diving under the supervision of ASA-qualified instructors.
The highboard star, who won a bronze medal at the London Games and has two Commonwealth Games golds, is thought to have been introduced to Dustin by mutual friends at the Soho Hotel in London earlier this year.
1994 -- Fu Mingxia of China becomes the first woman to win consecutive highboard world titles, beating countrywoman Chi Bin in Rome.
Charmian Welsh taking part in the Ladies' Highboard Diving Contest PRIZE CAST Norman and Charmian with the cast.
He was 24 when he competed in the 3m springboard and 10m highboard diving competitions.
Born on June 8, 1919, Margaret was 28 and at the peak of her powers when she competed in the women's 10 metre platform event, also reported as highboard diving.
Six white cabinets with aluminium tambour doors, a white bookshelf, a white highboard and a white desk with a large executive chair can now be found in the bright, 40m2 room.
"But when I moved to Derbyshire in 1951, I decided in my old age to compete in the men's highboard championship, which was a five-metre board.
There's no question before the new brand started to sprout that we all have had cause for concern--and even cynicism--over many highboard missteps that sent opinions and stock values plummeting.
Apparently, instead of applauding wee Tom's highboard heroics, his schoolmates just throw things at him during lessons and call him 'Diver Boy'.
Morgan had been at the top of spring and highboard diving for some time and, considering he was unemployed and could virtually train when he wished, Morris's triumph was more noteworthy.