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Adv.1.higher up - in or to a place that is higherhigher up - in or to a place that is higher  
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This unique effort of team soybean project (Oilseeds Research Program, NARC) was highly appreciated by higher ups and audience and they are excited to hear more about soya by-products on commercial scale in future.
Is it possible for the higher ups to retain him in this position for a little longer?
Dr Nisar said he was suspended in May 2014 for unearthing a big spurious drug scandal in which some higher ups were involved.
'In a desperate move to gain favours from their higher ups they are surpassing all limits to prove themselves as more loyal than king,' he added.
Ranada together with another reporter persistently asked Cempron why she was barred from entering Malacanang but Cempron only said it was an order from 'higher ups,' which he was not able to identify.
Her losing to the higher ups at Litchfiel prison was a devastating outcome following Poussey's shocking demise in Season 4.
Seeking to stall any inquiry commission from undertaking probe into Snoopgate, the woman and her father have invoked their fundamental right to privacy and live with dignity as grounds for calling a halt to any move to investigate the surveillance of the woman by the Gujarat Police on the alleged instruction of higher ups.
A letter published today by the higher ups from the interchangeably time-suck/revolutionary tool indicates that the page, which called for protests across the Middle East on May 15th, passed Facebook's review process.
He complained to the higher ups and the police promptly returned the license, even though Tunney had not yet paid his fine.
"Street-Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Services" is a study from 1980, praised for its content on what the street level public servants face when dealing with the people and their higher ups. Worth reading for any curious or those on higher rungs of the public service ladder who want to change it for the better, "Street-Level Bureaucracy" rings true almost three decades later.

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