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or hi·fa·lu·tin  (hī′fə-lo͞ot′n) also high·fa·lu·ting (-lo͞ot′n, -lo͞o′tĭng)
adj. Informal
Pompous or pretentious: "highfalutin reasons for denying direct federal assistance to the unemployed" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).

[Origin unknown.]


(ˌhaɪfəˈluːtɪn) or




informal pompous or pretentious
[C19: from high + -falutin, perhaps variant of fluting, from flute]


(ˌhaɪ fəˈlut n)

also high•fa•lu•ting

(-ˈlu tɪŋ, -ˈlut n)

adj. Informal.
pompous; haughty; pretentious.
[1830–40; high + falutin (perhaps orig. flutin, variant of fluting, present participle of flute)]
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Adj.1.highfalutin - affectedly genteel
pretentious - making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction; "a pretentious country house"; "a pretentious fraud"; "a pretentious scholarly edition"


adjective (Informal) pompous, lofty, high-flown, pretentious, grandiose, swanky (informal), florid, bombastic, supercilious, high-sounding, arty-farty (informal), magniloquent This isn't highfalutin art.


or hifalutin
also highfaluting
Informal. Characterized by an exaggerated show of dignity or self-importance:


highfaluting [ˈhaɪfəˈluːtɪn] ADJpresuntuoso, pomposo


[ˌhaɪfəˈluːtɪn] adjaffecté(e)high fashion nhaute couture fhigh-fashion [ˌhaɪˈfæəən] modif [clothes, label] → haute couture invhigh fibre diet (British) high-fibre diet (British) high fiber diet (US) high-fiber diet (US) n (= régime) → régime m riche en fibres (= food eaten) → alimentation f riche en fibreshigh finance nla haute financehigh five high-five [ˌhaɪˈfaɪv] nhigh five m
to give sb a high five → faire un high five avec qn, échanger un high five avec qn, taper dans les mains de qnhigh-flier high-flyer, high flier, high flyer [ˌhaɪˈflaɪər] n (gifted)jeune loup m; (successful) corporate high-fliers → cadres de haut vol, cadres de haute voléehigh-flown [ˌhaɪˈfləʊn] adj [style, discourse] → ampoulé(e)high-flyer high flyer [ˌhaɪˈflaɪər] = high-flierhigh-flying [ˌhaɪˈflaɪɪŋ] adj [businessman, lawyer, executive] → de haute volée, de haut vol; [aim, ambition] → extravaganthigh-frequency [ˌhaɪˈfriːkwənsi] modifà haute fréquencehigh gear n (US)cinquième f, cinquième vitesse fhigh-grade [ˌhaɪˈgreɪd] modifde qualité supérieurehigh-handed [ˌhaɪˈhændɪd] adjcavalier/ière
He wants to be seen as less bossy and high-handed → Il voudrait être perçu comme une personne moins autoritaire et cavalière.high-heeled [ˌhaɪˈhiːld] adj [shoes, boots] → à hauts talons
high-heeled shoes → chaussures à hauts talonshigh heels nplhauts talons mplhigh horse n
to be on one's high horse → monter sur ses grands chevauxhigh-impact [ˌhaɪˈɪmpækt] adj (= strong) [material] → résistant(e) aux impactshigh-income [ˌhaɪˈɪnkəm] modif [earner, taxpayer, family] → à hauts revenus; [fund, bond] → à haut rendementhigh-interest [ˌhaɪˈɪntrəst] adj [loan, mortgage] → à intérêt élevé; [account] → fortement rémunéré(e)
a high-interest bank account → un compte bancaire fortement rémunéré


[ˌhaɪfəˈluːtɪn] adj (fam) → pomposo/a
References in classic literature ?
I'm glad you didn't load him down with some highfalutin, romantic name that he'd be ashamed of when he gets to be a grandfather.
All Moscow repeated Prince Dolgorukov's saying: "If you go on modeling and modeling you must get smeared with clay," suggesting consolation for our defeat by the memory of former victories; and the words of Rostopchin, that French soldiers have to be incited to battle by highfalutin words, and Germans by logical arguments to show them that it is more dangerous to run away than to advance, but that Russian soldiers only need to be restrained and held back
There was nothing highfalutin about her company manners--it was by this homely phrase that he differentiated this Dede on horseback from the Dede with the office manners whom he had always known.
That is a highfalutin way of saying we want to understand God's ways in our flesh--in our heart and guts as well as in our minds.
IT is routine in this country to try and address serious concerns by issuing highfalutin statements that are underpinned at best by nothing more than good intentions certainly not research or concerns of feasibility.
We're not trying to be this highfalutin architectural firm, we're trying to be a down to earth practical firm where we try to design great projects but not with an ego that people don't want to deal with.
The highfalutin verbiage of upper class critics like the late Brian Sewell, or maybe some big municipal gallery such as the National Museum Cardiff?
PARIS HILTON, known for her highfalutin social life, is teaming with German retailer LIDL, known for its low-priced own brands, to sell a range of hair-styling products throughout Lidl's European stores.
In the '50s, French philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir--who were, at the time, a more highfalutin version of "Brangelina"--laid claim to a table overlooking Panepistimiou Street.
If that sounds highfalutin and offputtingly esoteric, rest assured that the new series does everything possible to make its stories understandable to 'ordinary' viewers.
We all have highfalutin ideas about how we're going to approach everything from the birth onwards.
Marking the alternative comedy purveyor's first return to Elizabethan England since the second series of Blackadder 30 years ago, it saw David Mitchell donning the doublet and hose to play the Bard as a verbose but put-upon trier, forever struggling to justify his highfalutin genius - not least to his rather less flowery family.