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Summary: Sagesse lost a golden chance to take the top spot after falling at the hands of highflying Homenetmen 68-63 at Ghazir Monday during round 14 of the Lebanese Basketball League.
IN THE last two games, Sunderland have looked much more like their old selves, and if they can repeat the kind of performance they produced against Bolton 10 days ago - or their first-half showing against Man City last weekend - they are more than capable of beating highflying Birmingham.
While most of the work, especially a bouncy male solo perfect for the highflying Randy Herrera, takes a quick, happy tone, the most interesting choreography comes in the pas de deux called "Canzonetta" (a musical term that defines the light, airy song that accompanies this section).
GARY Wilmot, right, is to take the highflying lead role in West End hit Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Burscough bid to avoid a seventh straight league defeat when they travel to highflying Barrow.
That whole cycle of highflying form that might be said to have started at the new Louvre and certainly found full flower in Bilbao, that look-at-me impulse that set all jaws to snapping about commercial ambitions and the friction between architecture and art, that indulgent movement that now looks like nothing less than creative culture's own bubble-era fling, is here brought down to earth with a resounding and welcome thud.