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Arrogant; overbearing: was annoyed by the manager's highhanded attitude.

high′hand′ed·ly adv.
high′hand′ed·ness n.
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The reason why the government forces are even entertaining this ceasefire idea, instead of just highhandedly marauding all over the province, is that they are unable at this moment in time to make any further territorial progress.
It shows his foresight in anticipating what is happening today openly and highhandedly against all laws and protests and in violation of UN resolutions.
According to him, volatility in the global economy worsened by surging oil prices will expose the shilling which is highhandedly cushioned by forex in absence of the IMF facility.
Modi treated all the minorities highhandedly, he observed.
Our children are our future and we will not compromise on healthy and hygienic food and the violators will be dealt highhandedly, he warned.
Due to his outstanding performance, Arora was promoted as Sales Executive managing an account portfolio of 150 key corporate accounts for the hotel and contributing almost 45% single highhandedly to the overall revenue.
Johnson caught this and demanded that new, undamaged magazines be used, but Ordnance highhandedly refused, and continued the tests with magazines everyone knew would no longer work.
But before any of the plans could be executed, the police highhandedly cracked down on the peaceful gathering using totally uncalled for force.
The three countries are all former colonial powers in South America - hence Correa' s reference to 500 years and the South Americans' suggestion that Europeans have acted highhandedly and with a lack of respect.
We know that the Athenian assembly dealt highhandedly with the city's officials, a mistake to which Socrates objected.
So they demanded 50, and while the money was sent for he lived among the pirates for 38 days, behaving utterly highhandedly "as if he was their leader instead of their prisoner." He laughed and joked with them when they didn't appreciate his poetry that he would have them all hanged.
The showdown with [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] reaches a climax when Alexander highhandedly changes the calendar in his zeal to uphold Aristander's interpretation of sacrificial entrails that Tyre would fall within the same month (25.1-3).