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Any of a variety of hardy beef cattle developed in the Scottish Highlands and having long horns and a shaggy coat. Also called Scottish Highland.


1. Elevated land.
2. highlands A mountainous or hilly section of a country.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of a highland.


1. (Physical Geography) relatively high ground
2. (Physical Geography) (modifier) of or relating to a highland
ˈhighlander n


1. (Placename) a council area in N Scotland, formed in 1975 (as Highland Region) from Caithness, Sutherland, Nairnshire, most of Inverness-shire, and Ross and Cromarty except for the Outer Hebrides. Administrative centre: Inverness. Pop: 209 080 (2003 est). Area: 25 149 sq km (9710 sq miles)
2. (Placename) (modifier) of, relating to, or denoting the Highlands of Scotland


(ˈhaɪ lənd)

1. an elevated region; plateau.
2. highlands, a mountainous region or elevated part of a country.
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of highlands.
[before 1000]


(ˈhaɪ lənd)

1. a region in N Scotland, including the Hebrides. 207,500; 9710 sq. mi. (25,148 sq. km).
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Noun1.highland - elevated (e.g., mountainous) landhighland - elevated (e.g., mountainous) land  
down - (usually plural) a rolling treeless highland with little soil
natural elevation, elevation - a raised or elevated geological formation
plateau, tableland - a relatively flat highland
lowland - low level country
Adj.1.highland - used of high or hilly countryhighland - used of high or hilly country  
lowland - of relatively low or level country


[ˈhaɪlənd] ADJmontañés, de montaña; [region] → montañoso
Highland dress traje tradicional de las Tierras Altas de Escocia
Highland fling baile escocés
Highland Gamesjuegos mpl escoceses
see also highlands
Los Highland Games se celebran anualmente en distintos lugares de Escocia y en ellos se realizan competiciones de deportes tradicionales celtas, junto con bailes típicos y concursos de gaitas. Probablemente, de todos los juegos, el más famoso es el que tiene lugar en Braemar, cerca de Balmoral, en el noreste de Escocia. Entre las competiciones normalmente asociadas con estos juegos están el lanzamiento de troncos (tossing the caber) y el lanzamiento de martillo.
References in classic literature ?
He had a monkey on his shoulder, dressed in a Highland plaid; and, to complete the sum of splendid attractions wherewith he presented himself to the public, there was a company of little figures, whose sphere and habitation was in the mahogany case of his organ, and whose principle of life was the music which the Italian made it his business to grind out.
Few are the foreheads which like Shakespeare's or Melancthon's rise so high, and descend so low, that the eyes themselves seem clear, eternal, tideless mountain lakes; and all above them in the forehead's wrinkles, you seem to track the antlered thoughts descending there to drink, as the Highland hunters track the snow prints of the deer.
I'll answer by doing the Highland fling or the sailor's hornpipe; and you -- well, let me see -- oh, I've got it -- you can do Hamlet's soliloquy.
She had a knitted shawl over her head; her blue Highland eyes took the light from the neighbouring street-lamp and sparkled; and when the door opened and closed upon her, John felt cruelly alone.
Others, again, were congregated into populous villages, where some wild, highland rivulet, tumbling down from its birthplace in the upper mountain region, had been caught and tamed by human cunning, and compelled to turn the machinery of cotton- factories.
On his way to Perth, the king was met by a Highland woman, calling herself a prophetess; she stood at the side of the ferry by which he was about to travel to the north, and cried with a loud voice, 'My lord the king, if you pass this water you will never return again alive
Every partner who had charge of an interior post, and a score of retainers at his Command, felt like the chieftain of a Highland clan, and was almost as important in the eyes of his dependents as of himself.
Woodcourt, my dear," she would say, and always with some emotion, for with her lofty pedigree she had a very affectionate heart, "was descended from a great Highland family, the MacCoorts of MacCoort.
Sometimes he was a fisherman, but he was always and everywhere a determined hunter, and that was nothing remarkable for a son of Caledonia, who had known some little climbing among the Highland mountains.
Johnson and others, who had dared to say in their time that the poems of Ossian were not genuine lays of the Gaelic bard, handed down from father to son, and taken from the lips of old women in Highland huts, as Macpherson claimed.
The famous Highland Regiment, the Black Watch, camped here one year, and, when the men shook out the straw of their beds in the spring, some seeds of heather took root.
So Rose sat in state enjoying herself very much, for the lads proceeded to dance a Highland Fling with a spirit and skill that made her clap her hands and laugh as she had not done for weeks.