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1. An area or a spot in a drawing, painting, or photograph that is strongly illuminated.
2. An especially significant or interesting detail or event.
3. highlights Strands of hair that have been lightened, as by bleaching or coloring.
tr.v. high·light·ed, high·light·ing, high·lights
1. To give a highlight to (the subject of a painting, for example).
a. To make prominent; emphasize: The article highlighted the painstaking work of the detectives.
b. To be a highlight of: The duet highlighted the concert.
3. To mark (important passages of text) with a usually fluorescent marker as a means of memory retention or for later reference.
4. To lighten (strands of hair), as by bleaching or coloring.
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Noun1.highlighting - an area of lightness in a picture
lightness, light - the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures; "he could paint the lightest light and the darkest dark"
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SHIKARPUR -- While highlighting the importance of social media speakers said that every people must have knowledge to use social media and through its positive use everyone could get highlight his issue as well as result within short span of time while social media has become voice of voiceless people of the world giving many examples speakers said that many cases have become high profile cases owing to social media and families of victim have got positive results.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday said highlighting cultural heritage and tourist potential of the country would be a milestone for promotion of tourism in Pakistan
* Direct-to-consumer brand Madison Reed launched an at-home highlighting kit.
Although there are a small number of works which focus on the impact of snippet highlighting in search [16], most works just assume that query term highlighting is the natural way in search UI designing.
She said calligraphic exhibition was aimed at highlighting the rich cultural of Pakistan.
"Readers won't ever make a habit of highlighting if they can't use it across properties, and we are 100 percent focused on helping readers share the parts they love."
Highlighting, on the other hand, is using lighter shades to accentuate and emphasise parts of the face you wish to highlight.
At the start of the meeting, His Highness reflected on the outcomes of the National Audit Court's (NAC) previous report (2012-2013), highlighting that the NAC findings helped to produce efficient and effective mechanisms to address issues of non-compliance.
She added that the championship plays a pivotal role in maintaining the popular tradition and the arts of traditional cooking and creation of household products -- keeping at pace with the age requirements of time itself, as well as highlighting the global spotlight on the nobility of the heritage of the state and its people.
On Egypt, Al-Watan newspaper commented on the referendum on the constitution highlighting the probability of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's being the next president due to his popularity among the Egyptians.
This mechanism is called brushing (Roberts and Wright 2006), while the transient visual effect that is applied to the data items is called highlighting (Robinson 2011).
For example, if a librarian sees that a number of teens have been highlighting passages about the power of family relationships in If I Stay by Gayle Forman (Dutton, 2009/VOYA February 2009), he might decide to look for more titles with that theme, create a display on the theme, and even focus a book discussion on the theme.