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Adj.1.highly-sexed - having excessive sexual desire or appeal
sexy - marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "a sexy book"; "sexy jokes"
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"The judge ignored the ill-gotten evidence and sided with Campbell, proclaiming Margaret to be a 'highly-sexed woman who had ceased to be satisfied with normal sexual relations.'
For starters, he's gorgeous; demonstrating his other-worldly good looks as Elvis in the TV biopic, and playing a highly-sexed version of Henry VIII in The Tudors.
The chalk-and-cheese sisters, Sharon and Tracey, jump to a conclusion - that highly-sexed 'Dor' has finally hung up her libido and is planning to bequeath them all her wealth.
The 45-year-old actress, who plays a highly-sexed blonde who falls in love with a convict in the new thriller, admits that she was asked to gain weight for the role so her character would appear more flawed.
"Please bear that very much in mind because if the defendant for one minute did all these things he would be predatory, highly-sexed and prone to taking major risks and is that something that just disappears if you continue to work in education.
Probably quite highly-sexed, his odd appearance did not help satisfy these demands.
Most men would be grateful to have such a passionate, highly-sexed partner and know they were giving her pleasure.
And if rumours that highly-sexed JFK shared a mistress with top mobster Sam Giancana are true, jealousy could have had something to do with his death.
Plumply attractive and highly-sexed, Leila has a good marriage with Tarek but wants to pry him away from the store and his mother.
In popular culture, as this sexual revolution gathered force, female promiscuity was no longer deemed pathological: "nice girls do have affairs, and they do not necessarily die of them" declared Helen Gurley Brown, while psychologist, Albert Ellis in his 1964 Nymphomania: A Study of the Oversexed Woman, wrote that most women popularly portrayed as nymphomaniacs were "nothing but highly-sexed females who would hardly be noticed if they were males!" (p.137) This set the tone for the emergence in the 1970s and 1980s of the "happy nympho", a woman who gained fulfilment in promiscuity.
It's not just movie stars or high-powered and highly-sexed politicians like Bill Clinton who get sick at heart.
AVA GARDNER: She was a highly-sexed, sometimes haughty woman, a million miles from the homely wife from New Jersey.