hike up

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Verb1.hike up - pull up; "He hitched up his socks and pants"
pull - apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion; "Pull the rope"; "Pull the handle towards you"; "pull the string gently"; "pull the trigger of the gun"; "pull your knees towards your chin"
2.hike up - increase; "The landlord hiked up the rents"
lift, raise, elevate, get up, bring up - raise from a lower to a higher position; "Raise your hands"; "Lift a load"
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w>hike up

vt sep
trousers, skirthochziehen
prices, rateserhöhen
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And, to the reassurance of many firms, he has announced that the bank will not hike up interest rates in the short term*.
There is clearly no incentive for this grossly inefficient state company to save money when they can hike up the cost of their product at will.
More worrisome for the future of free shipping is the rate hike UPS is imposing on SurePost, the service provided in collaboration with the U.S.