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Plural of hilum.
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Kaimana Hila is the second of two 3,600 TEU "Aloha Class" containerships that were ordered by Matson.
The Bloomfields (from left): Lakan Hila, Louie Poco, Dino Pascual, and Rocky Collado
Al Hillah fort The renovation and maintenance of the Al Hila Fort in Al Buraimi Governorate has been completed too.
Once we had assembled the basic building blocks, we relocated the company to Chicago to take advantage of all the resources a big city provides," Hila said.
The relative told Reuters Hila visited Iran regularly and was shocked to hear she had been sentenced in absentia.
Hila Sedighi was arrested at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Airport as she returned from the United Arab Emirates where she has been living with her husband for the last three years.
Hila Sedighi was convicted in absentia on charges related to her cultural activities, according to Reuters.
The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture, Salah Hila,l said that the meetig discussed the visit to the site of the Sudanese - Egyptian Integration Project in Damazine, the Blue Nile State, the executive steps to carry out joint animal and agricultural activities, the relations between the Agriculture Ministries of the two countries, the re-structuring of the company and holding of the meeting of its Board of Directors, referring to the recent meeting between the Egyptian President, Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi, and the Minister of Agriculture and Forests in the context of the efforts to reactivation of the Sudanese - Egyptian integration .
Albanians need new political leaders because the current ones don't have the civil sense, after they finish their political cycle and hand over the Government to another leader, stressed publicist Dritan Hila. According to him, Albanians need new leaders with moral and democratic values in order to remove the present elite from the political scene.
Other units eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others near Khan al-Subul and around the towns of Hila and al-Kfir, destroying three vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.