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n. pl. hi·mat·i·a (-ē-ə)
A rectangular woolen or linen cloak worn by men and women in ancient Greece.

[Greek hīmation, diminutive of hīma, hīmat-, garment, variant of heima, from hennunai, to clothe; see wes- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ia (-ɪə)
(Clothing & Fashion) (in ancient Greece) a cloak draped around the body
[C19: from Greek: a little garment, from heima dress, from hennunai to clothe]


(hɪˈmæt iˌɒn)

n., pl. -mat•i•a (-ˈmæt i ə)
a rectangular piece of cloth thrown over the left shoulder and wrapped about the body, worn as an outer garment in ancient Greece.
[1840–50; < Greek hīmation=hīmat-, variant of heimat-, s. of heîma dress, garment]


a garment composed of a rectangular piece of cloth, thrown over the left shoulder and draped around the body, as worn in ancient Greece.
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A column from Qartaba in Lebanon shows four busts, paired: one man wears Greek dress and has the 'period face' of the Roman 150s AD; two women are so laden with ornate hairstyle, headdress and veil that their faces are shrunk to fit within the aedicule; and one man wears a Greek himation (outer garment) with a local priestly hat and leafy bough.
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24 dos vasos nao apresentam signos que remetam as praticas esportivas, tendo representacoes femininas, de personagens miticos ou simplesmente de jovens vestindo himation (5);
the himation with tunic, possibly in the so-called Aeschines
Asi, en Pluto, el esclavo Carion da al hombre justo la lujosa capa (himation) que le ha quitado al delator, a quien a cambio le cuelga el manto raido (tribonion) del primero, indices de la riqueza y la pobreza de sus portadores y del cambio de fortuna operado por la utopia de bonanza que solo parece alcanzar a los buenos.
(8) Dionysos wears an ivy wreath and a himation (cloak) over his chiton that wraps around both shoulders so that his right hand is lost in the folds of the garment.
tarantinon) refers to the tarantinon as fine clothing worn by women, himation gunaikeion lepton.
(13) Demostenes en uno de sus discursos habla de su himation dorado producido por el joyero Pamenides para llevarlo en la procesion dionisiaca.
A himation, she calls it; green and red, with tinsel stapled to it for gold embroidery.
So often when I think back on those three years in costume design class, I can't exactly remember what you said about the drape of an [sic] himation or the cut of a kirtle, but I do remember what you said about finding new colors in the changing leaves on the trees on Church Street, or how, when listing men's modern accessories, you would at the end of the list happen to notice your own sleeve cuff and say, "And cuff links." (Harris 1971)
The fourth stage is the mature and perhaps married woman, usually seated, her social status intimated by wearing her hair up and by jewellery, the adoption of the himation, the veiling gesture and other attributes.