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hin·der 1

v. hin·dered, hin·der·ing, hin·ders
To obstruct or delay the progress of: a snowfall hindered the mountain climbers; lack of funds that hindered research.
To interfere with action or progress.

[Middle English hindren, from Old English hindrian; see ko- in Indo-European roots.]

hin′der·er n.
Synonyms: hinder1, hamper1, impede, obstruct, encumber
These verbs mean to slow or prevent progress or movement. To hinder is to hold back or delay, as by barring the way forward: The unfair performance review threatened to hinder her career.
Hamper suggests the imposition of restrictions or limitations: "He was a little hard of hearing; it hampered him in learning" (Oliver La Farge).
To impede is to slow by making action or movement difficult: "[The] wagon proceeded down the street at a slow walk, impeded by the crush of curiosity seekers" (Stephen O'Connor).
Obstruct implies the presence of obstacles: Passage of the bill was obstructed by a filibuster.
To encumber is to weigh down, as with complications or difficulties: "[King] Leopold particularly envied the Hapsburgs because, unlike him, they were little encumbered by parliaments and constitutions" (Adam Hochschild).

hind·er 2

Variant of hind1.
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