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hin·der 1

v. hin·dered, hin·der·ing, hin·ders
To obstruct or delay the progress of: a snowfall hindered the mountain climbers; lack of funds that hindered research.
To interfere with action or progress.

[Middle English hindren, from Old English hindrian; see ko- in Indo-European roots.]

hin′der·er n.
Synonyms: hinder1, hamper1, impede, obstruct, encumber
These verbs mean to slow or prevent progress or movement. To hinder is to hold back or delay, as by barring the way forward: The unfair performance review threatened to hinder her career.
Hamper suggests the imposition of restrictions or limitations: "He was a little hard of hearing; it hampered him in learning" (Oliver La Farge).
To impede is to slow by making action or movement difficult: "[The] wagon proceeded down the street at a slow walk, impeded by the crush of curiosity seekers" (Stephen O'Connor).
Obstruct implies the presence of obstacles: Passage of the bill was obstructed by a filibuster.
To encumber is to weigh down, as with complications or difficulties: "[King] Leopold particularly envied the Hapsburgs because, unlike him, they were little encumbered by parliaments and constitutions" (Adam Hochschild).

hind·er 2

Variant of hind1.
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They're starting with two popular Zero Tolerance models, the Ken Onion 0300 and Rick Hinderer 0560 series of knives.
WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SilencerCo announces the latest addition to their Summit(TM) line: the limited-edition Blackout package featuring Rick Hinderer Knives(TM).
Hinderer, 15 rue du Stand, Case postale 3937, 1211 Geneve 3, Suisse, Fax: +41 22 546 06 69
The blades lock up via a very sturdy frame-lock mechanism located on the back frame, and Russell went the extra mile by including a Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer for added safety.
The tooling system comprises fixing elements for securing the foil to be shaped and a hot-stamp die developed by Hinderer + Muhlich, a member of the Kurz Group.
The Wenatchee team, all from the water works side of the business, included Burchett, Bruce McLean (outside sales); Eric Neuman (inside sales), James Hayes and Arlen Hinderer.
Fritz Hinderer born; a German astronomer at the Potsdam and Babelsberg Observatories; studied variable stars.
I am thinking of such shows as "The Death of the Audience," curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc at the Wiener Secession in 2009; "Principio Potosi," organized by Alice Creischer, Max Jorge Hinderer, and Andreas Siekmann, which was on view in Madrid, Berlin, and La Paz, Bolivia, in 2010-11; Willem de Rooij's show "Intolerance" at Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie in 2010; and, most recently, Florian Pumhosl's "6 7 8" at the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien this past summer--the show I will be focusing on here.
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Klaus Hinderer, a police spokesman, said a search of Kretschmer's computer had shown no trace of his having made the chat room posting.