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hin·der 1

v. hin·dered, hin·der·ing, hin·ders
To obstruct or delay the progress of: a snowfall hindered the mountain climbers; lack of funds that hindered research.
To interfere with action or progress.

[Middle English hindren, from Old English hindrian; see ko- in Indo-European roots.]

hin′der·er n.
Synonyms: hinder1, hamper1, impede, obstruct, encumber
These verbs mean to slow or prevent progress or movement. To hinder is to hold back or delay, as by barring the way forward: The unfair performance review threatened to hinder her career.
Hamper suggests the imposition of restrictions or limitations: "He was a little hard of hearing; it hampered him in learning" (Oliver La Farge).
To impede is to slow by making action or movement difficult: "[The] wagon proceeded down the street at a slow walk, impeded by the crush of curiosity seekers" (Stephen O'Connor).
Obstruct implies the presence of obstacles: Passage of the bill was obstructed by a filibuster.
To encumber is to weigh down, as with complications or difficulties: "[King] Leopold particularly envied the Hapsburgs because, unlike him, they were little encumbered by parliaments and constitutions" (Adam Hochschild).

hind·er 2

Variant of hind1.
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Adj.1.hindering - preventing movement; "the clogging crowds of revelers overflowing into the street"
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
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But I came back to tell you: there was no hindering it; you must know."
He blamed the PTI and its partners in the federal government, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan, for hindering the development of Karachi.
Damascus, SANA-Syrian and Russian Coordination bodies on the return of Syrian Refugees affirmed that Washington and its allies are paving the way for feeding the terrorist groups' presence in Syria and hindering the Syrian-Russian efforts for the return of refugees.
Speaking on hindering the Bilawal Bhutto's caravan in Uch Sharif, the PPP leader said that such acts could not hinder the PPP from spreading its message.
On 15 February 2016, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed an indictment charging Fahrudin RadonAiA and Bakir DautbaA!iA for committing criminal offense of associating for the purpose of committing criminal offenses - hindering the work of the judiciary and giving rewards or other forms of benefits for trade by influence, Bilsena A ahman for associating for the purpose of the perpetrating criminal offense, interference with the work of the judiciary and Zijad HadA3/4ijahiA for offense of associating for the purpose of committing criminal offenses - hindering the work of the judiciary, receiving awards or other forms of benefit for trade by influence.
Have you weights in your life that are hindering you or slowing you down?
Islamabad -- NAB has decided to take legal action against the Ministers and PML (N) workers allegedly involved in hindering the arrest of Captain (Rtd.) Safdar upon his arrival at Islamabad airport.
Download Nicholas: All those hindering new law are avoiding elections NNA - Change and Reform Parliamentary bloc MP, Nabil Nicholas, on Wednesday accused those hindering an agreement over a new electoral law of bearing the intention to avoid a new round of legislative elections.
TEHRAN (FNA)- New Canadian sanctions are another anti-Russian step, hindering restoration of normal bilateral relations, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said on Wednesday.
THE Premier yesterday ordered the slashing of all red tape hindering investment in Bahrain.
Kokrajhar (Assam), Aug 4 ( ANI ): Ethnic groups in Assam blocked major roads on Sunday hindering transport, to press their demand for separate state of Bodoland after the Government gave nod for the creation of new state of Telangana.