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1. The posterior portion of a side of beef, lamb, veal, or mutton, including a hind leg and one or two ribs.
2. hindquarters The posterior part of a quadruped, adjacent to the hind legs.


1. (Cookery) one of the two back quarters of a carcass of beef, lamb, etc
2. (Zoology) (plural) the rear, esp of a four-legged animal


(ˈhaɪndˌkwɔr tər, -ˌkwɔ-)

1. hindquarters, the rear part of a quadruped.
2. the posterior end of a halved carcass, as of a steer or lamb, sectioned usu. after the 12th rib.
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Noun1.hindquarter - the back half of a side of meat
cut of meat, cut - a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass
References in classic literature ?
Karay finished scratching his hindquarters and, cocking his ears, got up with quivering tail from which tufts of matted hair hung down.
The reddish Lyubim rushed forward from behind Milka, sprang impetuously at the wolf, and seized it by its hindquarters, but immediately jumped aside in terror.
Scarce had he settled himself to a comfortable position, his lithe, muscular legs drawn well up beneath him as the panther draws his hindquarters in preparation for the spring, than Bara, the deer, came daintily down to drink.
With his crude stone knife he cut a juicy steak from the hindquarters, and while the great lion paced, growling, back and forth below him, Lord Greystoke filled his savage belly, nor ever in the choicest of his exclusive London clubs had a meal tasted more palatable.
And Michael was in an ecstasy, bracing his hindquarters to one side or the other against the caressing fingers.
But the people, so often as it joined them, saw on their hindquarters the old feudal coats of arms, and deserted with loud and irreverent laughter.
The drooping of the hindquarters would almost make me doubt the purity of its German breed, and I think there is English blood in him.
There's no harm in a kick in the hindquarters when your belly's full," said Captain Nichols, "and personally I never take it in bad part.
Least squares means and standard errors for moisture, fat, protein in the lean trim of the forequarter and moisture, fat, ash, and protein in the lean trim of the hindquarter of pasture- and feedlot-developed steers Growth type (1) Trait LL IL n = 79 n = 88 Forequarter Moisture (%) 69.
Research shows that the French are keen to buy top quality UK hindquarter cow beef for the first time in 10 years, but the market has changed since older cows like these were last on the market before the export ban.
The balance of the hindquarter should provide you with a couple of rump roasts and several round steaks.