hint at

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w>hint at

vi +prep obj he hinted at changes in the cabineter deutete an, dass es Umbesetzungen im Kabinett geben würde; he hinted at my involvement in the affairer spielte auf meine Rolle in der Affäre an
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If that looks familiar, it's because that's now tattooed on Ellie's arm as revealed in the teaser trailer for "The Last of Us Part 2." At the time, it seemed like a creative way to illustrate Ellie's bite mark, but no one actually thought it was a hint at the sequel.
"We created a graduated scale for each 'colour' from the most subtle hint at one end to the deepest at the other, and pushed it as far as it could go to still be considered as an off-white before it becomes 'a colour'."
He added that Britain's role in the country would extend far beyond the withdrawal of British troops - words which resounded on a day when it was expected President Obama would hint at a plan for American withdrawal.