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Noun1.hipflask - a flask that holds spiritshipflask - a flask that holds spirits    
flask - bottle that has a narrow neck
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For those tedious life events where a hipflask would be too blatant, The Bracelet Flask.
25 gram of all Maize example remained supplementary to (250) ml tapering hipflask containing (25) ml disinfected water then (50) ml chloroform.
After trying and failing to make a go of things with Leanne, he and Tracy reunited at Christmas after sharing some booze in a hipflask at Amy's carol concert.
Elsewhere, Tracy gets into the spirit of Christmas - by taking a hipflask to Amy's school show.
This leather hipflask has been created by local designers Clark & Timms and handmade in Birmingham for their shop P&Co in the Great Western Arcade.
The Sherlock star was seen at the Oscars last weekend with a hipflask...
Callum wears: Granite Grey kilt, PS19.99, sporran, PS9.99, ghillie shirt, PS12.99, socks, PS3PS5.99, all @ Lidl; shoes, PS50 @ Topman Callum wears: Royal Stewart PS19.99, PS9.99, ghillie PS12.99, socks, PS3.99, and hipflask, PSall @ Lidl; shoes, PS50 @ Topman.
John Lewis had a box for PS30 that contains such delights as a hipflask, cufflinks, keyring, pen, champagne stopper, mirror and luggage tag.
CARDIFF: The Moon Club (029 2037 3022), The Arteries, Bangers, Hipflask. Punk-rock outfit.
What should you pop into your bag, your carry-on or -- if you're already ahead of us -- your hipflask? Cassis Crme de Cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur produced mainly in France, sort of like alcoholic Ribena.