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n. Informal
A young, usually urban bohemian who cultivates an ironic sensibility.

hip′ster·ism (-stə-rĭz′əm) n.


the fact or condition of being a hipster


(ˈhɪp stəˌrɪz əm)

1. the condition of being a hipster.
2. the characteristics of a hipster.
[1955–60, Amer.]
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But in the decade of austerity, and Brexit and Trump, hipsterism is a glimmer of cultural light in a dark, pessimistic world.
But one can easily see evidence of this creeping, bland hipsterism in many American cities; terms like "coffee culture" and "microbrewery" are stand-ins for "the savvy whites have arrived to buy up cheap real estate.
So we could snarl with disdain toward those attending costly private schools, especially in the South, though certain Ivy schools such as Harvard (from whence came Kennedy and most of his cabinet) and off-beat liberal arts schools such as Reed College, known to propagate hipsterism, were exempt.
But Miles, while remaining very hip, at the same time also lived and worked far beyond the insular world of hipsterism and avant-garde bohemia.