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QI RETURNED a Goldcar hire car at Alicante airport.
IN ASSOCIATION WITH QI RETURNED a Goldcar hire car at Alicante airport.
The ACCC considered Compass was misrepresenting in brochures, its website and in phone calls that consumers who engaged Compass would not be liable for hire car charges or associated costs.
Time after time, Autofocus sent members of staff to court where they swore that they had phoned local hire car offices and found that cheaper prices were available.
A three-car pile-up in Paphos involving a hire car resulted in the closure of one of the main roads for an hour on Tuesday, police said.
THE leader of the Welsh Conservatives has come under fire after it emerged he has used a hire car at public expense on 25 occasions in five years - even though cars are only meant to be rented in "exceptional" circumstances.
Police issue guidance for those travelling by taxi or private hire car on their website.
A bearded former British police who now works as a hired-car driver is conducting citizen's arrest against UberX drivers who are making the hire car business unfair and difficult for the common drivers.
It comprises tests for cabbies based on their knowledge of legislation relating to the hire car transport sector; rights, responsibilities and duties of taxi drivers and the code of conduct during working hours.
Also, the law was introduced in January with no great publicity, so British travellers were only made aware of its implications when they arrived to pick up their hire car and were told that they did not have the correct documentation.
I've removed the 'satnav' from the hire car and put it in my suitcase, returned the hire car and gone to dinner.
The other features available include new car replacement for up to 18 months, cover for personal belongings up to Dh6,000 and a hire car for up to 10 days in the event a customer's vehicle is out of action following an accident.