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Noun1.hire car - a rented carhire car - a rented car; "she picked up a hire car at the airport and drove to her hotel"
lease, letting, rental - property that is leased or rented out or let
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Time after time, Autofocus sent members of staff to court where they swore that they had phoned local hire car offices and found that cheaper prices were available.
The petition, signed by just 64 drivers, follows protests last month over the requirement that all Birmingham's 4,500 private hire cars have license hire car stickers on their doors.
Minutes later, they forced the private hire car to pull over at the BP garage in Ansty Road.
THESE two men had to be rescued from the sea after diving into the water to try tosalvage a stranded hire car.
Some tourists reported being robbed in their hire car firm's car park at the airport, either as they loaded their bags into their vehicle or prepared to drive away.
Documents made public from the inquiry have already revealed that detectives claimed the young girl's DNA had been found in her parents' hire car, despite a British scientist's warning days earlier that tests were inconclusive.
The second target, clamping down on private hire car drivers who ply for trade without having been pre-booked, will not be quite so popular an initiative.
A Birmingham councillor is set to be stripped of his duties after he admitted driving an unlicensed private hire car without insurance.
A COVENTRY man is facing a hefty penalty fee after he drove his hire car from Portugal to his home when their flight was cancelled.
A Scottish government spokesman said: "The figures show a dramatic fall in the number and cost of private hire car journeys in 2008-9 compared with the last year of the previous administration, as well as the previous year."