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Noun1.hired help - employee hired for domestic or farm work (often used in the singular to refer to several employees collectively)
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
kitchen help - help hired to work in the kitchen
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And you know how desperate hard it's got to be to get hired help. There's never anybody to be had but those stupid, half-grown little French boys; and as soon as you do get one broke into your ways and taught something he's up and off to the lobster canneries or the States.
Martin had insisted that the requirement for hired help was over; however, in despair over his wife's determined sabotage, it was Martin himself who commanded that the girl be reinstated for another two months.
But at night--well, there he is with his wife, three children, and a hired help. You can't pick or choose.
Markle will be left alone with baby Archie in South Africa, so having hired help is extremely important.
"Whether it was a colleague, hired help, mistress, perhaps we will never know.
Conservative MPs complaining Alan Duncan shouldn't have threatened to ensure the political end of his former boss Boris Johnson over that explosive "suicide vest" attack on May claim the hired help took the decision to give the Foreign Office Minister a free pass.
She lives her early teen years with relatives who treat her more like hired help than family.
THE bill for hired help to pick up the bins during last summer's strike is expected to hit PS1.6 million for just three months, according to newlyreleased figures.
As things got busy, Tim hired help, and not only kept the Blade Tech brand alive, but continued to innovate and keep--and take--market share.
Some of these creatures you have to feel sorry for - it's a wonder they manage to get themselves up and dressed in their designer gear without having to call the hired help for assistance.
Surprisingly, given the long-term decline in farm holdings, this is still more than 1,000 up on the 2005 figure and more than 3,000 up on the 2013 workforce - mostly due to increases in family and hired help, and migrant workers.
Summary: The show tackles cultural conflict and the mistreatment of hired help in the Middle East