hiring hall

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hir·ing hall

A union-operated placement center where jobs from various employers are allotted to registered applicants according to a set order based usually on rotation or seniority.
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Noun1.hiring hall - a union-operated placement office where jobs are allotted to applicants according to seniority or rotation
placement center, placement office - an office that finds suitable employment for applicants
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Release date- 27082019 - Chicago's multi-year construction boom has created a labor shortage so severe that even unionized contractors, who normally would just call on the hiring hall to meet peak labor demands, have run into problems the unions don't have enough workers to send out on the job.
These include the creation of the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority to finance construction of a $2.4 billion rail freight corridor between the ports and Class 1 railroad yards; cost sharing for rail and road projects; creation of the Pacific Harbor Line, a shortline railroad that operates in the two ports; the Clean Air Action Plan to reduce air pollution; and new hiring hall for longshore workers.
Consider the following, common scenario: a Washington resident, working for a union contractor incorporated in Oregon, is dispatched from a hiring hall in Oregon, for a job in Washington, using tools kept at the worker's home, and is being directed by a foreman from Oregon to install materials kept at the business' office in Oregon.
The Filipinos were hired through, and dispatched by, Local 37 of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union pursuant to a hiring hall agreement with the local.
As a result, Ferrell was ineligible to continue to receive job referrals through the union's hiring hall.
The contribution amount is specified by collaborative agreement between the contractors and the union hiring hall, Piekarski says, adding: "It's a benefit for certain jobs."
4: Glass block at either end of the ED and in the exam rooms helps bring natural light into the facility, and a soothing blue color palette was chosen to reflect the building's history as the National Maritime Union's headquarters and hiring hall.
Which is why on a recent morning the recruiter found herself in a hiring hall here anxiously awaiting the arrival of just two people she had invited to interviews, winnowed from an initial group of nearly five dozen applicants.
From the traditional craft hiring hall to the website "Monster.com" many different institutions are designed to facilitate the matching of workers with firms.
"We even had a 'hiring hall' in Dublin and hired our pub manager, several bartenders and servers who are working in the pub now."