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 (hûr′so͞ot′, hîr′-, hər-so͞ot′)
1. Covered with hair; hairy.
2. Biology Covered with stiff or coarse hairs.

[Latin hirsūtus, hairy, bristly.]

hir′sute′ness n.
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Noun1.hirsuteness - excessive hairiness
hairiness, pilosity - the quality of having hair
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Perhaps "by a whisker" would have been more apt given his famed hirsuteness.
A beard-wearing firefighter puts no imperiled person at risk, and a policy banning them would only be an annoyance to a secular supporter of, say, the apparent philosophy of hirsuteness featured on "Duck Dynasty.
Jewish men have their own hair issuesfrom beards to peyesalong with the signifiers that come from tending toward hirsuteness as a people.