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hiss·y 1

adj. his·si·er, his·si·est
Characterized by or making a hissing sound: badly recorded music that sounded hissy when played back.

his·sy 2

n. pl. his·sies Chiefly Southern and South Midland US

[Short for hissy fit.]
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adj, -sier or -siest
having or resembling the sound of a hiss
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(ˈhɪs i)
n., pl. -sies.
Slang. a fit of anger; temper tantrum. Also called his′sy fit`.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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Now, all this time has passed and all we see is they are having a hissy fit over Trump.
"We were all inconvenienced because this guy had a hissy fit over not being able to get fish," the witness said.
Fan Dr Mohammed Amali wrote: "He has a right to be upset, but none whatsoever for such a childish hissy fit."
In an interview earlier this week he said Kelly's "hissy fits" hurt the Trump administration.
Rocker Shaun Ryder, left, threw a hissy fit and insisted his testicle problem makes physical exercise impossible.
C Weir, East Kilbride IN RESPONSE to Neil Graham from Lanark having a hissy fit about MSP Angus McNeil referring to the England rugby team as "them 13", can I ask when did "them 13" suddenly become a racist phrase?
Somewhat predictably, the diva of the dancefloor left in a final hissy fit, claiming chief judge Shirley Ballas disliked him because he'd knocked her back when she tried it on.
Well, all I can say is that if Reggie had popped up in my loo, the words hissy fit wouldn't begin to cover it!
I do hope Prince Harry and Meghan have been watching - because it will put his little hissy fit about their romance into perspective.
They don't take kindly to players who are show-offs or throw hissy fits, and such values have been instilled at the club over many years.
Usually, the excuse is they want to appeal to "middle England", but now a lot of Corbyn's support is from that section so l can't think why the Blairites are having a hissy fit.
L'avocat Me Mohamed Hissy a ete elu vendredi batonnier du barreau du Grand Casablanca avec une ecrasante majorite de voix a l'issue d'un deuxieme tour qui l'a oppose a Me Mouafak Tahar.