hissy fit

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his·sy fit

n. Chiefly Southern and South Midland US

[From hissy.]
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hissy fit



informal a childish temper tantrum
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And he has hissy fits," Scaramucci said on NBC's "Meet the Press", adding that "the good news is, I'm being vindicated by that because he's demonstrating his personality now, the way he really is".
They don't take kindly to players who are show-offs or throw hissy fits, and such values have been instilled at the club over many years.
And bar Ella Henderson, with all of the pop princesses eliminated this year, it's down to the male drama queens to throw some serious hissy fits.
There are some countries where Christians are still persecuted for their belief and I would not want the same thing to happen to people of other faiths in this country - but please stop these hissy fits if anyone dares to suggest being proud of our Christian belief.
After 20 weeks of auditions, boot camps, controversies, hissy fits, tears, laughter and little dances from host Dermot O'Leary, ITV1's juggernaut talent search shudders to a halt with the grand final.
Between the hissy fits and the witchetty grubs, hosts Ant and Dec are often the best reason for watching and the Geordie duo are back in place in the Australian jungle looking for the successor to last year's Queen of the Jungle, Stacey Solomon.
Certain executives in certain employee brackets are throwing hissy fits at the trend that companies are now unwilling to offer sign-on bonuses to candidates in this post-slash-mid-recession era--investment banking and private equity executives, we're talking about you.
Darlington duo Claire Hill (bass and vocals) and Sarah Wilson (drums and vocals) have been playing together for more than a decade and thrive on the backbone of pure drums and fuzz bass, samples, hissy fits and bleeps and original, attention grabbing vocals.
But the Italians have introduced the word 'cassanata' - meaning tantrum - after Antonio Cassano, the former Roma striker who is known for his hissy fits.
After a nightmare pre-theatre Italian which included hissy fits and plate throwing, I wondered if our Easter holiday theatre trip would work out.
On the other hand, life in the Championship looks pretty much assured given their hissy fits this week.
Well, I'm sure we'll all miss his hissy fits and his bottle-crashing performances but we'll have to soldier on without him