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Various techniques have been used to diagnose rabies in laboratories as well as in field conditions including virus isolation, direct rapid immune histochemical test (Lembo et al., 2006), fluorescent antibody test (FAT), serodiagnos is using ELISA and molecular diagnosis through RT-PCR (Tenzin et al., 2010).
While it is well known that the substance secreted from Dalechampia flowers is of resinous nature, no previous histochemical studies have been published to support these studies or to evaluate the composition of the exudate in other structures in the inflorescence.
The cells lining the secretory ducts and central cavities of the compound tubular glands showed intense positive reactions with all the histochemical stains, indicating a mixture of neutral and acidic mucins occurred and the acidic mucins were carboxylated.
Peripheral blood smears were prepared and subjected to Giemsa staining and histochemical staining.
The next day, a proper tissue section for glass mounting cannot be cut adequately, and if cut, those sections are poor and possibly uninterpretable using traditional histochemical stains, not to mention immunohistochemical methodologies.
Histochemical and cytochemical methods of visualization.
The diagnosis was confirmed by means of histochemical and immunhistochemical stainings.
In the present study, a new type of glandular trichome is reported for Connarus suberosus, and provide information about their localization, development, structure, and ultra-structural and histochemical aspects, to support discussions concerning their functions.