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The branch of science that deals with the chemical composition of the cells and tissues of the body.

his′to·chem′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
his′to·chem′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Biochemistry) the chemistry of tissues, such as liver and bone, often studied with the aid of a microscope
ˌhistoˈchemical adj
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(ˌhɪs təˈkɛm ə stri)

the study of the chemical components of cellular and subcellular tissue.
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On the basis of technology the tissue diagnostic market is classified as immune histochemistry, in-situ hybridization, digital pathology and special staining.
(4) It is important to note that the 1990 Frankfurt Consensus criteria rely entirely on frozen sections, AChE-enzymatic and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)-enzymatic histochemistry, and a combination of subjective findings and quantitative assessments of submucosal ganglion cells.
Surface marker Oct4, CD105, nanog, CD73 and SSEA-4 on CAFSCs are detected positive with immunofluorescence histochemistry, Gene CD44, CD29, CD73 and SH2 are detected positive with RT-PCR.
Changes in lipid content of oocytes of the pen shell Atrina maura as a criterion of gamete development and quality: a study of histochemistry and digital image analysis.
Biopsy showed fragments of squamous epithelium with koilocytes and positive P16 staining by histochemistry consistent with HPV infection.
ATPase histochemistry revealed that vacuoles were present almost exclusively in type 1 fibers, which were also diffusely atrophic, as opposed to the normal appearance of type 2 fibers.
DOPA Histochemistry. The samples were fixed in 2% glutaraldehyde for 6 h and then sliced.
Considering that Pirt may act as a regulatory subunit of TRPV1 in CCI models, TRPV1 expression was detected in WT mice in CCI models by histochemistry staining of DRGs (Figures 3(e) and 3(f)).