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n. pl. his·tol·o·gies
1. The anatomical study of the microscopic structure of animal and plant tissues.
2. The microscopic structure of tissue.

his′to·log′i·cal (hĭs′tə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl), his′to·log′ic adj.
his′to·log′i·cal·ly adv.
his·tol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.histological - of or relating to histology
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CNS tumours have a histological grading scheme as per WHO guidelines.
Using a pattern-based approach, this atlas teaches liver pathology through practical clinical and histological findings that are good to know.
Malignant skin lesions diagnosed on the skin biopsies received in histopathology department of Army Medical College, were analyzed to see the frequency and histological pattern of malignant skin lesions.
The prognosis and therapy strictly depend on the histological grades and correlated to rapid diagnosis.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to respond to the second letter to the Editor [1] concerning our paper "Histological findings and lung dust analysis as the basis for occupational disease compensation in asbestos-related lung cancer in Germany" [2].
Objective: To determine the value of serial renal biopsies in detecting histological changes in patients with lupus nephritis with APL antibodies.
pylori stomach infection based on the histological assessment of endoscopic specimens of the gastric mucosa.
Our study has focused on the histological description of lesions in the liver by T.
Objective: To study and detect immunohistochemical expression of Estrogen Receptors, Progestrone Receptors and HER-2/neu Receptors in Endometrial Carcinoma (EC) and to find their associations with histological types, grades and stages of the tumor.
Data presented in the publication show that blocking CCR2 provides rapid and sustained renal protection in two well-established models of FSGS, as measured by reduction in proteinuria and improvement in multiple histological parameters.