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 (hĭs′tō-pə-thŏl′ə-jē, -pă-)
The study of the microscopic anatomical changes in diseased tissue.

his′to·path′o·log′ic (-păth′ə-lŏj′ĭk), his′to·path′o·log′i·cal adj.
his′to·path′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
his′to·pa·thol′o·gist n.


(Pathology) the study of the microscopic structure of diseased tissues
histopathologic, histopathological adj


(ˌhɪs toʊ pəˈθɒl ə dʒi)

the branch of pathology dealing with the structure of abnormal or diseased tissue.
his`to•path`o•log′ic (-təˌpæθ əˈlɒdʒ ɪk) his`to•path`o•log′i•cal, adj.
his`to•pa•thol′o•gist, n.
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PreProcurement: Contingency and interim histopathology services - processing of histology specimens from receipt of cassette to dispatch of slides
Objective: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of quantitative washout calculated on Triphasic CT scan for diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma keeping histopathology as gold standard.
After the preliminary clinical and cytological diagnosis, histopathology and DIF are required to confirm the diagnosis.
The cyst has been sent for histopathology investigation.
Following variables were measured such as age of the patient, relevant history regarding duration of lump, pain, age of marriage, contraceptive use, first child birth age, smoking, family history and site of lump, clinical impression, findings of Mammography, reports of trucut needle biopsy and reports of Histopathology of open biopsy.
The histopathology shows a primary cystic structure within the dermis that may or may not be connected to the epidermis.
Histopathology was the reference standard, showing MAP in eight of 27 cases.
Methodology: This was a descriptive study carried out at histopathology section of the Department of Pathology Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar over a period of five years ranging from January 2011 to December 2015.
Quiroga Histopathology Service Limited Voluntary Strike-Off Process CRO No.
Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) for cytology on day of presentation and incisional or excisional biopsies after surgical tumor resection for histopathology served as basis for confirmatory diagnosis.
All the cases were proven by histopathology that primary was in fallopian tubes and not in ovaries and omentum.
The Birmingham Mail understands the experienced doctors quit before an expected internal announcement that their histopathology department is being transferred to Worcester Royal.