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n. histoplasmina, sustancia que se usa en la prueba cutánea de histoplasmosis.
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Notably, these histoplasmosis diagnoses were based on chest radiograph findings and positive results for histoplasmin skin tests, which can cross-react with Coccidioides.
Fungal serologic tests with aspergillin, histoplasmin, blastomycin and coccidiodin are useful in the preoperative diagnosis in assessing the correct organism (3).
Epidemiologic surveys of histoplasmin and paracoccidioidin sensitivity in Brazil.
The histoplasmin skin test is usually not helpful in diagnosis, as it does not provide evidence of the presence of the disease.
Historically, histoplasmin reactivity in a representative Kankakee County population has been 20-39% versus 60-69% in populations in central Illinois (Edwards et al.
This condition occurs in many different areas of the world, but the largest endemic focus is in the southeastern and midwestern United States, where up to 80% to 90% of the population may exhibit a positive intradermal histoplasmin skin test.
Worldwide geographic distribution of histoplasmosis and histoplasmin sensitivity.
An atlas of sensitivity to tuberculin, PPD-B and histoplasmin in the United States.