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n. histoplasmina, sustancia que se usa en la prueba cutánea de histoplasmosis.
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of histoplasmin skin test reactivity among single-county-resident Navy recruits in the United States, H.
Diagnosis of this disorder is based upon characteristic clinical findings and a positive histoplasmin skin test or residence in an endemic region for Histoplasma capsulatum.
The test is based on latex connection with histoplasmin for the detection of the antibody anti-Histoplasma.
Histoplasma pericarditis was first described in 1955 by Billings and Couch in a patient with pericardial calcification and positive histoplasmin skin test [14].
Histoplasma capsulatum is endemic in certain North Indian states like West Bengal, where a study showed a prevalence of skin positivity of 9.4% to histoplasmin antigen.
A previous study in 1972 found that 4.4% of people living in an endemic area, who had tested positive by a histoplasmin skin test had ocular histo spots.
Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using purified, deglycosylated histoplasmin for different clinical manifestations of histoplasmosis.
Chaparas, "Delayed hypersensitivity responses of experimental animals to histoplasmin from the yeast and mycelial phases of Histoplasma capsulatum" Infection and Immunity, vol.
The histoplasmin skin test is the oldest form of diagnostic testing for histoplasmosis.
The histoplasmin skin test can have negative results in disseminated disease.