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 (hĭ-stôr′ē-ā′tĭd, -stŏr′-)
Adorned with the figures of humans or animals, often for narrative purposes. Used especially of initial letters in manuscripts and of the capitals of columns.

[Medieval Latin historiātus, from Latin historia, history; see history.]
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(Art Terms) decorated with flowers or animals. Also: storiated
[C19: from Medieval Latin historiāre to tell a story in pictures, from Latin historia story]
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Pragmatic and sensible criteria have been employed: 'French' is extended to include works in any language published in French-speaking towns like Brussels and Geneva; 'emblem book' excludes some more precisely defined categories such as historiated biblical works, but includes, for example, accounts of royal entries with emblematic programmes, providing that a certain 'substance' and/or 'permanence' of artistic record is discernible.
The plates are good half-tones, not too much reduced for legibility, one an enlargement of a half-page to show the first historiated initial of no.
For Auckland, he acquired, in keeping with his representative selection of liturgical manuscripts, a single Italian vellum copy of Petrarch's sonnets, beautifully illuminated, with over three hundred historiated initials.
After multiple folios recounting Mary's biography, each biography begins with a square historiated initial and a rubric announcing the heroine to follow.
Alison Stones analyzes the historiated initials of chansonniers of Arras and Cambrai (complete with 28 plates, 15 of which are in color).
Attributes of the ornament describe the nature of elements added to the basic type structure and are divided into Medial Ornament, Reverse, Streamer, Chromatic, Historiated, Outline, Tooled and Shaded.
The book has only three historiated initials, none extended by penwork or colored decorative flourishing into the margins; nor does any page have a fully, formally decorated border.
Another essay by Margaret Manion, "An Unusual Image of the Assumption in a Fourteenth-Century Dominican Choir-Book," examines an exceptional historiated initial representing the assumption of the Virgin from a group of fourteenth-century Perugian choir books.
Further, the colour photographs were taken after conservation, so that the historiated initial (fol.
These images are generally located at the beginning of the text, often contained within an historiated initial.

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