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 (hĭ-stôr′ē-ā′tĭd, -stŏr′-)
Adorned with the figures of humans or animals, often for narrative purposes. Used especially of initial letters in manuscripts and of the capitals of columns.

[Medieval Latin historiātus, from Latin historia, history; see history.]


(Art Terms) decorated with flowers or animals. Also: storiated
[C19: from Medieval Latin historiāre to tell a story in pictures, from Latin historia story]
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This chapter argues for the "categorical unfixity" of early modern boys in order to point out the difficulty of defining early modern pederasty, and the way in which the latter "overlaps with, slides into, and sometimes becomes or comes from" other kinds of desires (114), a point Masten deepens through brilliant readings of John Fletcher's Philaster and an impressive archive of printed images of boys in emblems and historiated initials.
1) contains an initial "E" that begins the Advent processional antiphon, Ecce karissimi, historiated with the image of a Benedictine abbess, clothed in black and holding a crozier.
Each chapter begins with a larger illustration relevant to the chapter's topic; in addition, historiated initials open chapters and smaller design motifs close them, and the art often includes the interlace patterns typical of Anglo-Saxon art.
127-28, figs 145-48; Christine McCarthy, 'Making Significance: Historiated Initials and the Donation of the Sir John Moody Albert Ilott Illuminated Manuscripts to the Alexander Turnbull Library', in Migrations, eds Hollis and Barratt, pp.
According to Michelle Brown in Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts, historiated initials developed in insular illuminations of the early eighth century and became popular features in medieval manuscripts (68).
After multiple folios recounting Mary's biography, each biography begins with a square historiated initial and a rubric announcing the heroine to follow.
One way that the Allegory distinguishes itself from previous representations celebrating the Virgin Mary is in the inscribed and historiated roundels decorating the embroidered orphrey on the mantle of the towering, approximately life-size frontal figure identifiable through the inscription on her conical tiara as Misericordia Domfini], the Lord's Mercy personified.
22, 23; Jacobs 441), such as historiated initial V for Vesalius's name in the second edition of the Fabrica (Basel, 1555), the historiated M opening the myology sestion (Colombo 117) in Realdo Colombo's otherwise illustration-free De re anatomica (Venice, 1559), the ecorche herms of the cartouche on the title page of the 1586 edition of Valverde's Anatomia del corpo umano, and the allusion in Charles Estienne's De dissectione (Paris, 1545), where a male figure suspended against a tree has his abdomen split open to reveal the viscera (Estienne 191); on the title page of Theodor Kerckring's Spicilegium anatomicum (Amsterdam, 1670), the Ovidian scene of punishment is travestied as Anatomia engaged in flaying the corpse.
Similarities in the two volumes even extend to the putti who often decorate the historiated initials of the texts.
A highlight of the Getty's 2003 exhibition 'Illuminating the Renaissance', the manuscript features eight half-page miniatures and 44 historiated initials, and is a superb example of Burgundian manuscript illumination of the period.
Through the examination of three historiated capitals within the nave, choir, and apse, by the masterly hand of the artists Gislebertus, we see the relevance of the incorporation of both the sacred and profane and how that blending exemplifies certain trends of Romanesque art.
Louis" Psalter, Psalm 98 is largely absorbed within its historiated initial (Figure 3).

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