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 (hĭ-stôr′ĭ-sĭz′əm, -stŏr′-)
1. A theory that events are determined or influenced by conditions and inherent processes beyond the control of humans.
2. The view that historical awareness is crucial for adequate understanding in a particular field or in general.
3. Art & Architecture The deliberate use or revival of historical styles in contemporary works.
4. Philosophy The view that historical periods should be studied without imposing anachronistic categories of evaluation.

his·tor′i·cist adj. & n.
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[hɪˈstɒrɪsɪst] ADJhistoricista
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In this book, author Lesser, a scholar of Renaissance drama, argues that the discovery of Q1 in 1823 has had a profound impact on our understanding of Hamlet, of Shakespeare as an author, and of the nature of the Shakespearean text, but that this impact has gone unnoticed because the discovery of Q1 doesnAEt fit into expected modes of historicist scholarship.
Tears of Sovereignty, for better or worse, is not a historicist work.
Indeed, Beiser brings up one such weakness in his introduction when he notes that an early reader of the book believed he should include a discussion of the relationship between the German historicist tradition and various political movements within Germany.
The main problem is that the 'excess of minutiae' in most recent historicist studies 'prevents the proper consideration of serious political questions' (p.
Yet rejecting Lincoln's historical values in favor of a historicized, historicist understanding of Lincoln and his values constitutes a third quality that each of these progressive presidents have in common.
Historicist theories may differ in their details, but a central implication of the view is that a given agent might be morally responsible for her behavior while that agent's psychological twin is not responsible for apparently identical behavior.
Burt argues that both the Historicist and New Historicist movements rely on a certain version of the uncanny, specifically, one he terms the 'philological uncanny' (p.
It presents a New Historicist reading of his book Tarikh al-adab al- 'arabiya (History of Arabic Literature), shedding light on the role of interpretation in the work of the literary historian.
At the opening of this interesting and important book Oliver Arnold issues a challenge to the New Historicist focus on the court and the crown.
It is a testimony to this thorough introduction that I wished it to be longer: a section on how New Historicist practice has developed beyond Greenblatt's and Motrose's theories might clarify further how historical formalism evolves out of rather than attempts to replace its predecessor.
The New Historicists, wishing to ground their writings about literature in the real world, but wishing also to be as politically cutting-edge as the high-flying proponents of literary theory, proposed to use traditional historicist methods to arrive at interpretations conducive to a leftist outlook.