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Historical authenticity; fact.


(Historical Terms) historical authenticity


(ˌhɪs təˈrɪs ɪ ti)

historical authenticity.


nGeschichtlichkeit f, → Historizität f
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Holloway is not so decisive in his defense of the historicity of Solomon and his kingdom.
For history understood, here as the locus of God's actions, will mean neither what will be read as the homogeneous and empty evolutionary time of liberal and modern theologies of historical consciousness, nor the historicity of the solitary individual of existentialist and transcendental theologies.
the misuse of the historico-critical method in biblical and theological reflection [thereby undermining the historicity of the Bible]
Appropriating contemporary notions concerning subjectivity and process, and applying them to a range of black idiomatic expressions and rituals, Brown reworks the language and tropes he inherited in order to explore the inventive ways in which African Americans articulate their modernity; that is, express a presence, a historicity, an ongoing engagement with the contemporary moment.
Social historians took eagerly to the affirmation of historicity and the injunction to attend to child-rearing.
They provide basic information about the production, participants, plot, and origin of each film, and assess their aesthetic qualities, artistic merit, historicity, how they reflect the perspectives of the filmmakers and their audiences, cultural significance, and potential classroom use.
surprisingly introduces a potentially conversation-stopping obstacle: the historicity of the Incarnation distinguishes it from avatara, which claims no temporal facticity.
The fourth element is the denial of historicity in general and the particularity of specific histories.
In the images shown here, there appears to have been no engagement with the ethics of suffering's representability--which the chaps seem to think they can thumb their noses at, cool-Britannia style-and their "show me the bodies" sense of historicity, of the way war's traumatic temporality might revise our sense of past and present, is about as radically transgressive as Alexander McQueen's.
This inconsistency concerning causality, and casualness concerning historicity is matched by the ease with which Sackville's alternate induction, describing a poet's descent into Hell, is simply absorbed into the frame story without any apparent disturbance in the second and subsequent editions of the Mirror.
Daly has often been criticized for ignoring the historicity of women's knowledge and experience.
Generally speaking, McKane usually makes his stand clear in text-critical problems, while in matters concerning historicity and literary coherence he exercises extreme caution, often refraining from unambiguous conclusions and contenting himself with a thorough assessment of previous scholars' arguments (e.