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Noun1.history department - the academic department responsible for teaching history
academic department - a division of a school that is responsible for a given subject
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In the first part of the book, "The South and the Movement," Zinn discusses his days as chair of the history department at Spelman College in Atlanta, and his eventual firing for encouraging his students--including Alice Walker and Marian Wright--to participate in civil-rights protests.
According to police, Wasif Noman, a professor of history department, was kidnapped from outside the varsity by the five students.
He said that History Department and Faculty of Social Sciences KU is playing a defining role in the promotion of research culture.
The Mixing It project is being organised by Dr Janette Martin from the university's history department.
HE'S KNOWN as the founding father of Teesside University's history department.
HONORS AND AWARDS: Dartmouth Book Award; honor roll, Grades 9-12; 11th Grade History Department Award; Gold Medal - National Spanish Exam; Bronze Medal - National French Exam; Student of the Year - Spanish 3 honors
Tomorrow at the museum there will be a further opportunity to view the family collection from 6pm followed at 7.30pm by a lecture entitled "Keeping the wolves of hunger from the door: Lloyd George's National Insurance Act 1911" by Dr Steven Thompson, of the University of Aberystwyth's History and Welsh History department. ?
The proceedings of a workshop held in the history department at the National University of Singapore at an undisclosed date are enhanced by two invited presentations.
Mr Paterson was head of the history department for more than 15 years and he also had a spell as senior tutor at the college.
Surely, this extra floor space now available could have been designated for the restoration of the Natural History Department - dismantled for no apparent reason - offering the favourite exhibits to most children.
But Channel 4 yesterday said the film had been made by its experienced history department and that pictures of the victims at the crash scene had been obscured to avoid causing offence.

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