hit home

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Verb1.hit home - refer to or be relevant or familiar tohit home - refer to or be relevant or familiar to; "I hope this message hits home!"
impress, strike, affect, move - have an emotional or cognitive impact upon; "This child impressed me as unusually mature"; "This behavior struck me as odd"
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THE dangers of arson attacks have been hit home by fire crews after they were forced to tackle torched rubbish inside an abandoned building in Bedworth .
Sauchie took the lead after 18 minutes when Ryan Miller hit home after good work from Ian Diack.
2011 issue of Baseball Digest, a chart listed players that hit home runs from both sides of the plate by team.
SIR - As the referendum on Scottish independence reaches it final stages the real cost of Scotland going it alone has began to hit home, with RBS, BP, Lloyds Bank, Clydesdale Bank, and standard life all planning to move to England in the event of a yes vote, with many major retailers expressing their opposition to breaking up the UK, as the cost of everyday items would rise in the event of a yes vote.
Strike partner Sam Rock increased the advantage before Leon Broadhurst hit home a third.
The article "Balancing Passion and Self-Control," in the September 2006 issue (Powerplay) really hit home.
His February column "Gun Show Fever" really hit home with me, and I know it hit home with a lot of people that have this affliction.
A combination of Zane meets Christian, this novel is filled with subliminal messages that are sure to hit home with many mature readers, but will also raise a few eyebrows with its thought provoking, erotic and hard-core content.