hit squad

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hit′ squad`

1. a team of hit men.
2. a group of political terrorists.
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Noun1.hit squad - a team of assassins
team, squad - a cooperative unit (especially in sports)
death squad - a clandestine military or paramilitary team who murder political dissidents or petty criminals (usually with the government's tacit approval)
Sparrow Unit - a hit squad of the New People's Army in the Philippines
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In a November 29 story, the daily said British security officials had told it that the hit squads were ordered into action by Gen.
Based on the police data, some of those allegedly assassinated by the NPA hit squads are politicians--the latest was ex-mayor Aran Boller of Matuginao, Samar.
'These hit squads are now popularly referred to as Sparrows,' he said, citing that they were usually based in rural areas to stage partisan operations unlike the former Sparrow Unit that was based in urban areas.
The move follows our exclusive revelations last week that the former KGB spy was targeted twice by Russian hit squads on a 15-month stay in New Zealand in 2006-7.
Writes the Sun, "ISIS hit squads and 'sleeper cells' intent on waging war on Europe have entered Germany disguised as refugees, a leading spy chief [Hauser] has confirmed.
Last April the Conservative cabinet member for street services, Coun Len Gregory, introduced four hit squads to the city.
I assure readers that all requests to me are passed on to the depot or our hit squads. The road in question had a visit from the hit squad at the end of February (two weeks before the resident made his comment at the Edgbaston Constituency Committee).
Both are now getting visits from Department of Health hit squads which will look to see how the infection can be halted.
IT WAS interesting to read in Daily Post (January 20) of the threat of hit squads over council recycling figures.
Sergeant Allen Evans, who heads one of the hit squads, said: "We are doing this at a time of year when people need to see more police on the streets - especially when they probably carry more cash around with them to do Christmas shopping."
Jack McConnell pledged yesterday that a Labour victory in the Holyrood election will pave the way for Government NHS hit squads to take charge of dirty hospitals.
And social services departments throughout Britain are to face "hit squads" unless they improve their performances and end the scandals, tragedies and horror stories.