hit the ceiling

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Verb1.hit the ceiling - get very angry and fly into a rage; "The professor combusted when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question"; "Spam makes me go ballistic"
rage - feel intense anger; "Rage against the dying of the light!"
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Its sound is consistent but at times this means tracks merge into one, yet there's the uplifting, bass-heavy Hit The Ceiling to liven things up, while Different Planet is a slow groove that gets under the skin.
My own version of 'Naya' means a place where amenities and utilities would not be out of reach of the public; where in winter, gas bills would not hit the ceiling and the public rather freeze as they are unable to pay their bills.
2GO Group hit the ceiling with a price surge of 49.9 percent after the Securities and Exchange Commission approved its merger with Negros Navigation (Nenaco).
The shelves are full, piles of files have hit the ceiling and now new bundles are just dumped on the floor.
So, without telling anyone, they fire up the old RV, christened "The Leisure Seeker," and hit the road from their Massachusetts home, causing their prissy son Will (Christian McKay) to hit the ceiling, and their daughter Jane (Janel Moloney) to worry.
'Or to spoil the roses," the fat one whispered; " but throw high, dear sister, or we shall never hit the ceiling."
If you can imagine a boy doing choreography while simultaneously bouncing a red ball to see how much movement he could get out before it hit the ceiling and fell back to the floor, that was me.
He told ITV News: "We didn't exactly hit the ceiling when he scored, but everyone jumped up - I think I regained 25 years youth."
Brendan Rodgers hit the ceiling in terms of performance level over 38 games and fell short of a title win which would have alleviated statistical/ emotional pressure the club has held for 26 years.
We had a fight and while we were pulling a bag back and forth between us, it suddenly flew in the air and hit the ceiling and broke it," explained the wrestler.
New York City commercial property values have hit the ceiling, a sizable majority of real estate executives said in a new survey by accounting firm Marks Paneth LLP.