hit the sack

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Verb1.hit the sack - prepare for sleephit the sack - prepare for sleep; "I usually turn in at midnight"; "He goes to bed at the crack of dawn"
bed down, bunk down - go to bed; "We bedded down at midnight"
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With these uplifting thoughts I hit the sack, settled myself in and waited to be transported into that magical world of sweet slumber.
Unfortunately, their 6-year-old son, Tennessee James, who is present in the photo, had to hit the sack early while they go enjoy the rest of the night with their pals.
So, for someone like me, who's 70, a lot of us tend to get up at 5am." I'm 31, and Kelley says an ideal time for me to hit the sack is between midnight and 2am.
17 and Fernandez was given assurance by no less than his childhood friend that it will be the last time he will not hit the sack early since it is a day of giving for those in need.
Nevertheless, Primo got a good-night kiss from his dad just before he hit the sack. Good job, Drew!
Leave in a hurry (4,3) 26 It enables you to listen if a murder is being arranged (7) 27 Letters from a Tain lawyer to the spouse's mum or dad (2-3) 1 Complain when an American soldier joins Royal Navy briefly (4) 2 Discard damaged items of identification and security (1,1,5) 3 A good bet solves the problem - hit the sack (2,2,3) 4 A heavy drinker from a number of Honolulu's hostelries (4) 5 This UV-absorbing layer is over us, and one is below Australia (5) 6 A school principal is in front (5) 7 Issue medicine when Sid turns up with UK coins, say (8) 12 Aid injured man from Wales (3) 13 He's going into a dive!
You see, someone has created a 'sleep calculator' so we can work out when we need to hit the sack in the click of a button.
She hit the sack early Thursday and credited her clutch eagle for the win.
[U.S.A.], Apr 12 (ANI): You may want to hit the sack early as according to a recent study, the 'night owls' are likelier to die sooner than the morning fellas.
MORNING FACE SAVERS Are you prone to waking up looking more tired than you looked when you hit the sack? If so, then it might be worth splurging on a primer or mask.
We struggle to juggle the demands of work, kids and running a home and most of us are knackered and stressed when we finally hit the sack.
They also enjoyed a spectacular campfire on the Saturday evening filled with tales and songs before they hit the sack for another day of adventure on Sunday.