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v. hitched, hitch·ing, hitch·es
1. To fasten, connect, or attach: hitched the horses to the sleigh.
2. To move or raise by pulling or jerking: hitch up one's pants.
3. Informal To get (a ride) by hitchhiking: hitched a ride to the rally.
4. Slang To marry: They got hitched last month.
a. To move jerkily: "She hitched forward to make room for me on the seat" (Paul Theroux).
b. To move or walk haltingly: He hitched along on his painful ankle.
2. Informal To hitchhike.
1. Any of various knots used to secure a line to another object such as a post or ring.
2. A device used to connect one thing to another: a trailer hitch.
3. A short jerking motion; a tug: answered with a hitch of her head.
4. A hobble or limp: a hitch in his step.
5. An impediment or a delay: a hitch in our plans.
6. A term of service, especially of military service.
7. Informal A free ride obtained along a road.

[Probably from Middle English hytchen, icchen, to move, jerk.]

hitch′er n.
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n (esp Brit inf) → Anhalter(in) m(f), → Tramper(in) m(f)
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