hitching post

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hitch·ing post

A post to which an animal, especially a horse, is hitched.

hitching post

(Horse Training, Riding & Manège) a post or rail to which the reins of a horse, etc, are tied

hitch′ing post`

a post to which horses, mules, etc., are tied.
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Noun1.hitching post - a fixed post with a ring to which a horse can be hitched to prevent it from strayinghitching post - a fixed post with a ring to which a horse can be hitched to prevent it from straying
post - an upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position; "he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them"

hitching post

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14, Schaumburg Township District Library, 2116 Hitching Post Lane, Schaumburg.
Hitching Post Wines' Highliner Pinot Noir trio (10)
The Intihuatana stone, The Hitching Post of the Sun, has presence.
Seeking to fill positions for: Blue Gate Restaurant, Hitching Post Frozen Yogurt, Gift Stores, Blue Gate Theater, Blue Gate Garden Inn, Shipshewana Furniture Company, and Riegsecker Cabinet Company.
YOU SAID: According to locals that I know, a gang of about 50 rode into Aberdare Road, used the street name sign as a hitching post for their flea ridden horses, then went on to cause chaos.
I was also attracted by the lonely green plant, which sits next to the hitching post at left.
But after a bit he would return, apparently only having left to tie Rudolph to the hitching post.
Stalked from near and far, raked with light from angles, the conical stacks served the painter as a hitching post for light and weather, fugitive effects of season, snow, ambient haze.
Some had added ironwork to include containers for flowers or plants, and others were in their original form, which I would have liked to obtain as an outdoor hitching post for my canine or as a conversation piece, but I failed to find any for sale, much 10 my dismay.
On the edge of town a mule tethered to a hitching post tried to lick my camera and I passed a weathered old tortoise out for a leisurely stroll.
For the uninitiated, a hitching post was a fixture to which a rider would tie his or her horse so it wouldn't wander off.