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 (hĭth′ər-wərd) also hith·er·wards (-wərdz)
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(ˈhɪðəwəd) or


an archaic word for hither1
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"It is a great body of horse," said Sir William Felton, "and they are riding very swiftly hitherwards."
What, then, will be best both as regards rescuing the body, and our return to the joy of our friends who will be grieving as they look hitherwards; for they will make sure that nothing can now check the terrible hands of Hector, and that he will fling himself upon our ships.
If I interpret aright the welkin-whelming hosannas of the Tutans Three and their cacophonous cohorts, any chap with spare cash incinerating his pockets will henceforth hie himself hitherwards to unload it.