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A short nail with a thick head used to protect the soles of shoes or boots.
Having or decorated with a raised pattern of bumps resembling such nails.

[hob, peg, projection (obsolete) + nail.]

hob′nailed′ adj.
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Adj.1.hobnailed - marked by the wearing of heavy boots studded with hobnails; "hobnailed laborers"
rural - living in or characteristic of farming or country life; "rural people"; "large rural households"; "unpaved rural roads"; "an economy that is basically rural"


[ˈhɒbneɪld] ADJ [boots] → con clavos


adjgenagelt; hobnailed bootsgenagelte Schuhe pl, → Nagelschuhe pl; hobnailed liverSäuferleber f (inf), → Alkoholleber f
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These wore loose knee-breeches, long yarn stockings, and hobnailed high-laced walking-shoes.
He stood up and rested one hobnailed boot on the top of his spade while he looked her over.
The shadow of his hobnailed boots was enormous and coffinlike.
They wouldn't let me wash it, but on the day of the crime I had washed the floor thoroughly, and if the murderer had crossed it with his hobnailed boots, I should not have failed to see where he had been; he has left marks enough in Mademoiselle's chamber.
The clumping of hobnailed boots on the gravel outside proclaimed the approach of Manning.
As he spoke he came in among them for shelter, and propped his spade against the wall of the chalet, kicking the soil from his hobnailed blucher boots, which were new.
He was clad in faded overalls and black cotton shirt, with hobnailed brogans on his feet, and on his head a hat whose shapelessness and stains advertised the rough usage of wind and rain and sun and camp-smoke.
There's Shirley Bassey, singing on valiantly while stagehands (played by you know who) swapped her stiletto for a hobnailed boot, a horrified Andrew Preview (sorry, Andre Previn) recoiling at the hash Morecambe made of Grieg's Piano Concerto, a sketch that made him more famous than any of his musical accomplishments ever did, and the truly magnificent, grapefruit-juggling breakfast scene the pair performed to the brassy, brazen sounds of The Stripper.
He explains: "I bought a pair of ex-War Department hobnailed boots from an Army surplus store, but Anton made do with his school shoes.
Conventional serous carcinoma may also have morphologic overlap with clear cell carcinoma, including hobnailed cells, significant cytologic atypia, and high mitotic rate.
A sheet of newspaper was spread over the fender, and on it rested two pairs of stout, hobnailed boots.