hobo camp

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Noun1.hobo camp - a place where hoboes camphobo camp - a place where hoboes camp    
camp - a group of people living together in a camp; "the whole camp laughed at his mistake"
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He's had work in Hobo Camp Review, Have A NYC 3, the Too Much anthology, The Otter, and The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.
Engstrom, a master of the dark and macabre, sets her book in a small town in California, where a mobster is found mysteriously dead after falling from a train passing through a hobo camp.
The inspiration for that gesture came directly from a true story told to Steinbeck by a man named Frank Kilkenny whom he had met in a hobo camp many years earlier.
Life was more relaxed and comfortable in the jungle, a hobo camp near the rails.
And yes he HAD met Ted Kaczynski when they were both riding the rails, at a hobo camp outside Vegas, TWICE.
Their strangest find was a hobo camp set up near the river by some railroad tracks.
Cottage Grove Ranger District - Hobo Camp, Cedar Creel, Lund Park, Mineral, Rujada, Musick Guard Station.