hobo camp

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Noun1.hobo camp - a place where hoboes camphobo camp - a place where hoboes camp    
camp - a group of people living together in a camp; "the whole camp laughed at his mistake"
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Fox River Trolley Museum offers a train ride, eats, treats, and visit a hobo camp for stories of hobo travel from the Great Depression and a bit of history.
He's had work in Hobo Camp Review, Have A NYC 3, the Too Much anthology, The Otter, and The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.
From here, it's about 8.3 miles on Forest Road 22 to the upper Champion Creek Trailhead parking lot (some landmarks you'll pass are the West End Trailhead to Brice Creek Trail, Cedar Creek Campground and Hobo Camp).
The inspiration for that gesture came directly from a true story told to Steinbeck by a man named Frank Kilkenny whom he had met in a hobo camp many years earlier.
Life was more relaxed and comfortable in the jungle, a hobo camp near the rails.
And yes he HAD met Ted Kaczynski when they were both riding the rails, at a hobo camp outside Vegas, TWICE.
Their strangest find was a hobo camp set up near the river by some railroad tracks.
Sunday and help Eugene novelist Elizabeth Engstrom celebrate the release of her new book, "York's Moon." Engstrom, a master of the dark and macabre, sets her book in a small town in California, where a mobster is found mysteriously dead after falling from a train passing through a hobo camp. Refreshments.