hoe handle

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Noun1.hoe handle - the handle of a hoehoe handle - the handle of a hoe      
handgrip, handle, grip, hold - the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it; "he grabbed the hammer by the handle"; "it was an old briefcase but it still had a good grip"
hoe - a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle
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As for its legs, the right was a hoe handle, and the left an undistinguished and miscellaneous stick from the woodpile.
"The kid sees the hoe handle and he doesn't see the money," Henderson said.
At 68, arthritis is starting to make it painful to grip a smaller diameter hoe handle. The tapered and chamfered rectangular handle on the Victory Hoe gives me a more openhanded grip and it just feels better.
Kyle Robinson, 25, smashed the hoe handle against Nigel Gray's arm, cutting his elbow, which had to be stitched.