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 (hôg′băk′, hŏg′-)
A sharp ridge with steeply sloping sides, produced by erosion of the broken edges of highly tilted strata.
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1. (Geological Science) Also called: hog's back a narrow ridge that consists of steeply inclined rock strata
2. (Archaeology) archaeol a Saxon or Scandinavian tomb with sloping sides
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(ˈhɔgˌbæk, ˈhɒg-)

a long, sharply crested ridge usu. formed of steeply inclined strata that are especially resistant to erosion.
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1. A Saxon or Viking tomb that curves down toward the ends and has sloping sides.
2. A long, narrow ridge that is steep on both sides.
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A sharp ridge running along the top of a hill.
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Noun1.Hogback - a narrow ridge of hillshogback - a narrow ridge of hills    
ridgeline, ridge - a long narrow range of hills
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According to the Observer:'The dangerous hogback has been removed by lowering the crown by two feet and raising the approaches to the bridge to the same extent.
The incident was caught in a video by a hiker, who was hiking on a hogback.
MJ's Grill leased space at Parkside Center, located at 5 Lake Carolina Way, from Hogback South Carolina LLC and Zimlina LLC.
Other items of stonework, such as two pieces of "hogback" tombstone, are linked with a 10th century church, but the earliest parts of the present building date from about 1130.
Large antlers rose above a hogback surrounded by living and deadfall trees.
The extreme vertical exaggeration of the cross-section (Figure 7) precludes showing that this unit is bent up to the surface immediately east of the front of the Rocky Mountains, where it crops out in a narrow hogback. The Dakota Sandstone receives minor recharge from this small-footprint exposure but receives no recharge from the mountains to the west because it does not quite extend to the mountains.
Sixth St., Fort Smith, AR 72901 (479) 783-3038, -25.0% (479) 783-3038 Hogback Exploration Inc.
Forma un relieve con colinas y cuestas topos redondeados, ademas de presentar secciones de hogback. Tiene una superficie 19.299,45 ha con 14,02% de la superficie total.
Three were stocked near the Hogback Diversion on the San Juan River in 2004 or 2006 and one was stocked at the Shiprock Bridge in 2010.
The cathedral collection of stones includes inscribed pieces, cross shafts and hogback tomb markers.
I walked out onto a hogback deer love to bed on and stood still, just scanning the area for about a minute.