hognose snake

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hog·nose snake

 (hôg′nōz′, hŏg′-)
Any of several thick-bodied, nonvenomous North American snakes of the genus Heterodon having an upturned snout. Also called puff adder.
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hognose snake

(Animals) any North American nonvenomous colubrid snake of the genus Heterodon, having a trowel-shaped snout and inflating the body when alarmed. Also called: puff adder
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hog′nose snake`

(ˈhɔgˌnoʊz, ˈhɒg-)
any harmless North American snake of the genus Heterodon having an upturned snout.
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Noun1.hognose snake - harmless North American snake with upturned nosehognose snake - harmless North American snake with upturned nose; may spread its head and neck or play dead when disturbed
colubrid, colubrid snake - mostly harmless temperate-to-tropical terrestrial or arboreal or aquatic snakes
genus Heterodon, Heterodon - a genus of small colubrid snakes containing the North American hognose snakes
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Among the 16 live snakes were pythons and a Madagascan giant hognose snake, and several that were classed as dangerous wild animals including cobras and copperheads.
Caption: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: When confronted, the eastern hognose snake will spread the skin on its neck and head, similar to a cobra.
A hognose snake skitters through the coarse grass, leaving an S-shaped track in its wake, and strangest of all, wide swaths of sand are blanketed by the tiny white flowers of baby 's breath, the same plant that florists use in bouquets.
The other harmless imitator is the hognose snake, one of the most interesting snakes in our area.
She revealed that in the past year she had carried out a string of bizarre ops, including the removal of a tumour from a two-inch long hognose snake.
The grotto - at Summerhill Vets in Newport- is already home to a western hognose snake, a bulldog and chihuahua.
Meet Lenny and Squiggy, a two-headed hognose snake that lives in Venice Beach, California.
The Eastern worm snake is listed as threatened and the Eastern hognose snake is of concern, according to Mr.
getula (common kingsnake) Northerly Nerodia rhombifer (diamondback water snake) Northerly Virginia valeriae (smooth earth snake) Northerly Hemidactylium scutatum (four-toed salamander) Southerly Ambystoma laterale (blue-spotted salamander) Southerly Pseudacris illinoensis (Illinois chorus frog) *** Southerly Heterodon nasicus (western hognose snake) *** Southerly Thamnophis radix (plains garter snake) *** Southerly Clonophis kirtlandii (Kirtland's snake) *** Southerly * reported by Lamer et al., 2006 ** northernmost record reported by Tucker et al.
When a hognose snake that's facing a predator flips belly-up, its mouth opens and stays agape, sometimes oozing drops of blood.