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adj. hok·i·er, hok·i·est Slang
1. Mawkishly sentimental; corny.
2. Noticeably contrived; artificial.

hok′i·ly adv.
hok′i·ness, hok′ey·ness n.
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in a hokey manner
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Ponderosa is a buffet-style, hokily decorated restaurant that peddles the image of the frontier through its connection to the television show Bonanza (1959-1973), which took place on a ranch called Ponderosa.
Some works, such as the hokily landscape-like Storm Front, adhere too closely to the pictorial, yet Zipt is an exception, flaunting its contours like curves through a skintight dress.
To retain the personal perspective, they have Jane narrate her tale to us, addressing us somewhat hokily as "gentle audience." Most of the novel's unforgettable Gothic incidents are here: the orphaned Jane's cruel treatment at the hands of her aunt and her spoiled, sadistic cousin; further humiliation at the Lowood school, where she is befriended by the angelic Helen Burns, who then departs -- lickety-split -- to join her immortal brethren; and, of course,