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 (hō-lăn′drĭk, hŏ-)
Relating to a trait encoded by a gene or genes specific to the Y-chromosome and therefore occurring only in males.

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(hɒˈlændrɪk; həʊ-)
(Genetics) genetics carried or located on a Y-chromosome, therefore passed on genetically from father to son
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(hɒˈlæn drɪk, hoʊ-)

of or pertaining to a heritable trait appearing only in males (opposed to hologynic).
[1925–30; hol- + Greek andrikós masculine =andr-, s. of anḗr man + -ikos -ic]
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While this could presumably happen with fetuses of either gender, it's easiest to detect by looking at long term (i.e., years) postpartum mothers of male offspring with a molecular test for cells bearing holandric markers (ones from the nonhomologous part of the Y chromosome) and most studies have focused on this easily discernable group.
Male sexual system holandric, iridescent testes and funnels free in 10 and 11; a pair of seminal vesicles in 11 and 12, with a fine and spongy texture.
Diagnosis: Holandric. Two pairs of seminal vesicles, with posterior pair slightly smaller than anterior pair.
His finger landed on HOLANDRIC, a word I'd never heard of.
The simplest and most immediately obvious case would be when we're interested in a holandric (Y-chromosome) fetal locus.
Holandric (male funnels in segments 10 and 11), enclosed or free, posterior pair usually smaller than anterior.
Holandric. Testes funnels are closely paired with the second pair somewhat differently shaped and smaller, both pairs iridescent.