hold tight

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Verb1.hold tight - hold firmly, usually with one's hands; "She clutched my arm when she got scared"
hold, take hold - have or hold in one's hands or grip; "Hold this bowl for a moment, please"; "A crazy idea took hold of him"
cuddle, draw close, nestle, nuzzle, snuggle, nest - move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position; "We cuddled against each other to keep warm"; "The children snuggled into their sleeping bags"
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Then as we were almost upon her I yelled to my companions to hold tight, and throwing the little vessel into her highest speed I deflected her bows at the same instant until we were running horizontally and at terrific velocity straight for the cruiser's keel.
The work he did himself, though more than once he was forced to call in Dede to hold tight with a pipe-wrench.
They're pullin' now.--There, put your hands in front of mine--take hold tight. Feel that?
Donning a newsboy black cap with a red scarf, purple jeans, burnt orange coat and black boots, the 'Delicate' singer completed her look with a purse draped over her shoulder, freeing up her hands to hold tight to Joe.
All I can say to them is hold tight, and things will - they won't get better, but it won't be quite as dark as it is now" Broadcaster Bill Turnbull on his prostate cancer "It should shame us all that rough sleeping has doubled in the last eight years and nearly 600 people died while homeless last year.
Mom, we promise to hold dear your legacy of giving, kindness, and love, to hold tight our family and friends, and to leave this world as you did, with an open spirit and zest.
Stay there, inside mama, hold on, hold tight We love you!
Hold tight to your crystal balls as we head into League One and Two.
The winner was matched at 70, with third home Hold Tight done at 1.3 and sixth home Certificate 1.31.
HOLD TIGHT flopped when tried on turf at Ascot last time but a return to the all weather at Newcastle can see him regain the winning thread in the Betfred "Home of Goals Galore" Handicap.
Singles Our Our fave fave Madonna Hold Tight THIS is trademark Madonna, straddling the acoustic roots of her early material and recent electro beats.