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a. The act of holding back.
b. Something held back.
2. A device that retains or restrains.
3. A strap or an iron catch between the shaft and the harness on a drawn wagon, allowing the horse to stop or back up.



1. something that restrains or keeps in.
2. something that is withheld or deferred.


(= obstacle)Hindernis nt
(= thing held back)Einbehaltung f (form); holdback payeinbehaltener Lohn
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Deposits and Guarantees required: A 5% holdback will be levied on the amount of each installment by the accounting officer of payments.
1 billion holdback comprising an $800 million cash reserve and a $300 million letter of credit.
The size of the holdback will vary depending on the size of the dataset being used, but this holdback will help prevent overfitting the model to the data.
However, this conclusion has to be based on the facts and circumstances of the individual case, and cannot automatically be assumed whenever a sales agreement provides for an escrow or holdback of sales proceeds.
A holdback of 5% of the original contract price (plus any amount of endorsements) will be formed.
Using a unique financing structure, the Company's contracted relationship with its dealer-partners remains unaffected with the dealer-partners' rights to future payments of dealer holdback preserved.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The contract provides the licensee~s expense, a holdback that is imposed by fractions, each of the other payments that advance.
The remaining 94%, less amounts due to dealer-partners for payments of dealer-partner holdback, will be used to service the indebtedness.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Financial security A holdback of 5% of the original contract price (plus any amount of endorsements) will be formed.
Each of the announced purchase prices were subject to post-closing adjustments through a holdback of ten percent of the estimated purchase price.
Deposits and Guarantees required: It will be performed a holdback in accordance with Article 101 of the Code of public contracts.