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This holdback may be replaced at the option of the holder by a first demand guarantee, incorporated in full no later than the date on which the holder shall submit the request for payment corresponding to the first installment of the market.
Transactions involving escrow arrangements or holdback agreements will require the tax practitioner to consider Regs.
The lifting of the holdback will mean that more than 4,000 claimants who have accepted their settlement offers from the Breland Insurance Trust, but have not received full payment of their settlement amounts, will be sent checks for full payment of their Dalkon Shield claims.
The holdback may be replaced at the option of the holder, throughout the duration of the contract, by a first demand guarantee.
The dealer-partners' rights to future payments of dealer holdback are preserved and the Company will continue to recognize its servicing fee on amounts collected.
Deposits and Guarantees required: It will be performed a holdback in accordance with Article 101 of the Code of public contracts.
Each of the announced purchase prices were subject to post-closing adjustments through a holdback of ten percent of the estimated purchase price.
In the event that the guarantee would not be created or completed within that period, the fraction of the holdback corresponding to the down payment is taken.
A holdback for tenant improvements and leasing commissions was also incorporated and will be dispersed as leases are executed.