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Noun1.holding pen - a pen where livestock is temporarily confined
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
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The drama that was going on was almost as familiar as the scene, nevertheless habit had not made him indifferent to it, and even in his present self-absorbed mood, Adam felt a momentary stirring of the old fellow-feeling, as he looked at the rough men painfully holding pen or pencil with their cramped hands, or humbly labouring through their reading lesson.
After capture, bass were moved to a holding pen in the pond (time out of water of one minute or less) and released after one hour.
Customs and Border Protection, gathered reporters and television cameras near an improvised holding pen beneath an overpass where U.S.
Scotland Ushered into the dining area, we felt more at home in the more informal bar, which is used as a holding pen for the restaurant and as a boozer in its own right.
Minutes after 14-year-old Ellie Fergusson had been told - in the offstage holding pen, bizarrely - that she had won the first series of The Greatest Dancer, Jordan broke news to make Alan Partridge weep: the BBC had given them a second series.
With each denunciation, the crowd jeered and screamed at the press in the holding pen.
Our cow holding pen can house 5,000 cows at a time.
One of the critical points as to ambience within the dairy cattle production system is the holding pen, due to the agglomeration of animals and the production of heat, exposing them to an unfavorable environment (Collier , Dahl & Vanbaale, 2006).
I was standing in a pen, like a holding pen for livestock, or so it sometimes felt.
Allow sheep adequate time in the post-dip holding pen to allow the run-off to flow back into the tank.
At approximately 1 month after antibiotic treatment, oropharyngeal swabs were collected from 300 pheasants (out of a total population of ~2300) in a single winter holding pen. All samples were tested for PM through routine aerobic bacterial culture, but none of the samples were positive.
There's no way for even the largest agency to process that much info, so most of those events were then stored in a database dubbed "Black Hole"--a digital holding pen for yet-unanalyzed data.